Frequent Asked Questions - Aurora Whip Cream Chargers

We are not just a best quality cream chargers, but also fast delivery speed and professional manner! We improved upon older ideas and techniques and finally introduced new cream chargers that can meet modern tastes.


How to use cream chargers? What accessories I need? 

Here is a link on how to use cream chargers and the accessories that you need:

What is the purpose of the pressure regulator?

When a  580g N2O or above-sized cylinder is used with a cream dispenser, a pressure regulator is necessary. It can help you accurately release any remaining gas so you can safely and easily dispose of your recycled cylinders.

Why are my cream chargers freezing?

Please be careful not to open the nozzle to the maximum to avoid freezing.

Does it offer pick up service?

Yes, we are not only offer postage service but also offer pick up service. And our pick up available time is from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Where can I buy Aurora Whip cream chargers?

We sell directly from this website or you can purchase your innovative Aurora Whip products via a local distributor. Hence, if you would like to become and distributor or for more information, please contact us via this email:

How does Nitrous Oxide react with food?

When Nitrous Oxide combines with oxygen a chemical reaction takes place which not only transforms the food substance into a more volumized foam, but instantly infuses the flavors.

Will cream chargers waste gas?

No! Our products are professionally produced by suppliers in over 10 years of manufacturing expertise, which are made of the highest–quality materials and are engineered to the highest standards, so that you can firmly believe in the quality of our products.