Quick steps to operate your pressure regulator with 580G cream chargers - safety use at home

Since the cream chargers came out, 580G cream chargers N2O have already become a special role in our kitchens. If you are keen to making desserts or any drinks that require whipped cream, cream chargers are the must-thing for you.

580g cream chargers equals 72 bulbs 8g cream chargers, which means you can spend less but get more N2O gas. However, you have to have a whipper and also a regulator when you prepare to use 580g cream chargers or 3.3L cream chargers.

There might be some new starters who still aren’t clear about how to use a pressure regulator when you’d like to make silky cream. Aurora Whip brings the clearest steps here for all of you!Come and check out this blog, let's find out this easy way to use regulator!

Easy steps using pressure regulator:

  1. Firstly, you need a dispenser/whipper, a 580g cream charger and some cream.
  2. Open the dispenser.
  3. Pour an appropriate amount and cream into it.
  4. Then close the dispenser. 
  5. Connect the regulator to the dispenser.
  6. Please make sure the dispenser is sealed.
  7. Turn clockwise to open the regulator for five to ten seconds. 

(Detailed pressure please see pressure table as below)

  1. Counter clockwise rotation then close it.
  2. Disconnect the regulator from the dispenser.
  3. Finally, turn over and shake the distributor 20 times.
  4. Well down! The delicious cream is ready!


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