AURORA WHIP is inspired by the world-famous ancient Roman architecture. Roman architecture promotes ancient Greek art to brilliant achievements with the help of advanced techniques and creative design. It has fully demonstrated the perfection and sublime characteristics of ancient Greek architecture.

Just like AURORA WHIP, our factory with over 10 years of experience in the field of cream charger manufacturing. Our advanced technology ensure excellent processes, from whipped cream chargers product implementation to quality checks. We improved upon older ideas and techniques and finally introduced new cream chargers that can meet modern tastes.


AURORA WHIP is unlike other big tank cream chargers that had come before. 580g cream chargers originated in the Netherlands in Europe, and later imported to Australia. But only AURORA WHIP cream chargers have developed the most in line with modern tastes. And also with our advanced technology that can ensure the purest N20 is fully added to the bottle. Precise bottle design 100% eliminates gas leakage issues.


High-end European-style classical packaging gives you an ultra royal experience on our product. All our product lines are compliant with European standards and qualified with certificates including TUV & FDA.

 AURORA WHIP the perfect companion for culinary professionals, bartenders, barista, or enthusiast chef at home. Explore your culinary creativity and enjoy your royal cream chargers now!