How to Tell the Difference Between CO2 and N2O Canisters?

The gas in the cylinder and also the materials of the N2O canisters and CO2 canisters are different.

The most obvious difference is the N2O canisters usually is a steel cylinder. However, the CO2 cylinder is an aluminum cylinder.

Both N2O canisters and CO2 cylinder are used for culinary purposes but they are completely different culinary purposes with their different properties.


The tools are different for using an N2O canisters or CO2 cylinders.

As for the N2O canisters, you usually combine it with cream whippers to use N2O canister. As for the CO2 cylinder, you usually combine it with a soda machine to use CO2 chargers.


The usages of N2O canister and CO2 canister are different.

We do believe that most of people have experienced a soft drink with bubbles in it. This effervescence is what characterises carbonated beverages. Therefore, we can use CO2 tanks to carbonise drinks suck as soda and also for the “fizz” in some cold beverages like beer, also champagne. Those are the reason why we can also call CO2 tanks as soda chargers.
N2O canisters the other well-known name whipped cream chargers, just as its name implies we usually use cream chargers to whip cream, also to create a thick creamy foam.
Normally, whip cream only can use N2O cream chargers. However, in certain, extremely uncommon situations you could also use CO2 tanks to whip cream. You need to know that we do no advise doing that.


In The End.

Above all, if you see any N2O canisters made of aluminum on the market, don't believe it. These are not regular cream chargers.

Our products are all made of steel, we have professional certificates to support our products, which are absolutely guaranteed in terms of quality.

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