Some Questions About Whipped Cream Chargers


Q1: What is a cream charger?

A: Whipped cream chargers, also known as a whipped cream canister, is a stainless-steel container in the form of canisters or cylinders like Aurora Whip 580g, containing the highest culinary grade N2O gas under pressure. N2O gas helps aerate any mixture, increasing volume and density. Perfect for preparing large batches of cream.


Q2: How to make whipped cream by using a cream charger?

A: You need thickening (whipping) cream to make whipped cream. The ideal fat range for this cream is between 27 and 36%. When the cream charger loading into the tank, the N2O immediately dissolves into the fat. When the lever squeezes, the pressure releases, causing the fat molecule nitrous oxide to expand and release the whipped cream.

Because of this, beating air into the cream only yields half as much whipped cream as using a whipped cream dispenser, which yields four times as much.


Q3: What accessories do we need if we use cream chargers?

A: We need a 250ML/500ML/1L whipper and a pressure regulator.


Q4: Are whipped cream whippers and regulators safe?

A: Whipping cream dispensers are secure when used correctly. They constructs from recyclable, environmentally beneficial materials. The components of a dispenser are comprised of a combination of food-grade plastics, stainless steel, or aluminium.


Q5: Are cream chargers safe for home use?

A: Aurora Whip cream chargers are universally compatible with all leading brand Dispensing units. We are also constantly putting all our efforts in making Aurora Whip as safe as possible in the production of all its components. Please refer to the care and safety section to learn more about using Aurora Whip safely and efficiently.


Q6: How do we dispose it and is it recyclable?

A: Warm reminder: recycle Empty Cylinders only.

Aurora Whip products are recyclable. The cylinders made out of recyclable steel which means that you can dispose of them together with your metal trash for collection. The cylinders are not refillable and can only recycle once empty. Each Aurora Whip cylinder supplys with an easy-use release nozzle, so you can ensure all gas disburses from the unit before recycling it.


Q7: How frequently can cream chargers be used?

A: After two weeks, you can throw cream chargers away. If the cream keeps out too long, it gradually loses its consistency and loses the desired fluffiness.


Q8: Will it waste gas?

A: Aurora Whip's suppliers professionally produce cream chargers in over 10 years of manufacturing expertise, which are made of the highest–quality materials and are engineered to the highest standards, so that you can firmly believe in the quality of our products.


Q9: Why are my cream chargers freezing?

A: Please be careful not to open the nozzle to the maximum to avoid freezing.


Q10: Which brand of cream chargers is the best choice?

A: There are many brands of cream charger on the market, but not all of them contain food-grade N2O.
All our Aurora Whip and Skywhip Pro whipped cream chargers including 8.4g and also 580g are all environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Our products are certified by the EU and also hold the EU inspection certificate. Our factory has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience.